About the Comic

The rhythmic recurrence of strokes, vibrations, or undulations; a throb of life, emotion, etc.

Usually refering to the heart beat, though everything can pulsate, be it music, a machine or even the earth itself. It is the foundation of everything with a rhythm, gives life to the static and order to the random.

And so, a pulse can become the one point that combines the most polar things in the world: the living and the lifeless. Humans and Machines.

Which pulse is stronger? Which rhythm is better?

Do they even differ...at all?

About the Creator

My name is Kai Op de Beeck, online better known as either MoonByte or MangoEngel.

I am a german male with belgian roots, currently studying Game Arts in Cologne and training in both 2D and 3D Arts. I don't have a specialisation as of yet, my interests do lie in 2D animation and 3D modeling though.

In my freetime, I enjoy reading about history and foreign cultures, visit concerts, theaters and museums, travel around the world or just spend a few nice hours with my friends. And, of course, I do enjoy to play games (my current obsessions would be The Yawgh, TES: Skyrim and Gmod, occassionally League of Legends).